DL3 Realty for Roseland Medical Center

 The Outstanding For-Profit Neighborhood Real Estate Project Award (2009)

100-136 West 111th Street in Chicago's Roseland community

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The best developments not only serve community needs, but spark improvements in their surroundings as well. The Roseland Medical Center, developed by DL3 Realty, L.P., is just that type of development, meeting a community need and generating revitalization activity throughout the broader Roseland area. Developed across the street from the Roseland Community Hospital, the Roseland Medical Center is a 27,000-square-foot medical office building that houses the hospital’s outpatient care; Chicago Family Health, a non-profit health care provider; and Fresenius Medical Care, the world’s largest provider of outpatient dialysis services. In addition, the Roseland Medical Center offers greatly needed ground-floor retail space. As hoped for, the Medical Center has not only met a critical need for outpatient care in this far south community; it has also been a catalyst for further development. Since the construction of the center, Roseland Community Hospital has made plans for a new emergency wing, created 50 new permanent jobs and prompted streetscape improvements along the 111th street corridor. For its dedication to providing essentialmedical care and its vital contribution to the physical and economic health of its community, DL3 Realty’s Roseland Medical Center is the recipient of the 2009 Outstanding For-Profit Neighborhood Real Estate Project Award.

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